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LoLdle: Unraveling League of Legends' Daily Enigma


Join the global community of League of Legends enthusiasts in a daily quest to unravel the mysteries of Riot Games' iconic champions with LoLdle. This unique game challenges players to guess the daily champion, testing their knowledge of the game's diverse roster. As the clock ticks down every 24 hours, a new champion takes the spotlight, resetting the challenge for everyone worldwide. Let's delve into the intricacies of LoLdle, from gameplay mechanics to its intriguing features.

How to Play LoLdle

LoLdle operates on a simple premise: guess today's League of Legends champion. The twist lies in the daily rotation, keeping the challenge fresh and exciting. Players have 24 hours to decipher the champion's identity. The countdown clock, displayed in UTC, adds an element of urgency to the guessing game.

In daily mode, participants input the champion's name, unveiling specific properties with each attempt. The color-coded tiles provide instant feedback on the accuracy of the guess. Green signals an exact match, orange indicates a partial match, and red denotes no overlap. Accompanied by arrows, the game guides players to understand whether their guess falls above or below the correct answer.

Features of LoLdle

Properties Columns: LoLdle's richness lies in its diverse set of properties, enhancing the challenge and educational value of the game.

  • Gender: Top, Jungle, Middle, Bottom, Support
  • Position(s): Most played positions, i.e., positions with a play rate above 20% in the past 6 months.
  • Species: Human, Yordle, etc.
  • Resource: Mana, Energy, Manaless, etc.
  • Range type: Melee, Ranged, Melee Ranged
  • Region(s): Demacia, Ionia, etc.
  • Release year: Any year between 2009 and today

Clues: Unlocking clues becomes crucial in the quest to identify the champion. LoLdle provides three types of clues:

  • Quote: A random in-game quote from the champion.
  • Splash: A cropped section of one of the champion's splash arts.
  • Ability: The icon of one of the champion's spells, without its name.

The true challenge lies in using these clues strategically to narrow down the possibilities and make accurate guesses.


LoLdle offers a daily dose of League of Legends trivia, uniting players globally in the pursuit of champion knowledge. With its engaging gameplay and diverse features, LoLdle stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of Riot Games' iconic title. So, heed the wise words of Zilean and remember, "Time is wasted when you're not playing LoLdle." Join the fun, sharpen your League knowledge, and embrace the daily enigma!

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