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Little Runmo: A Journey from Animation to Game

Little Runmo, a captivating 2D platformer game, originated from an animated YouTube film titled "Little Runmo," crafted by the talented creator Gooseworx. This unique gaming experience immerses players in the story of a fictional video game character striving to survive with their last life. Little Runmo seamlessly combines elements from the animated film with inspiration drawn from iconic games like Super Mario, offering a blend of familiarity and innovation.

Game Features

1. Challenging Yet Approachable Gameplay

Little Runmo - The Game strikes a balance between challenge and accessibility. While not aiming to replicate hardcore experiences like Meatboy, the game introduces progressively challenging mechanics. Early stages provide a relaxed atmosphere reminiscent of classic Mario games, gradually paving the way for more intricate and demanding gameplay.

2. Development Journey and Updates

February 2023: The development journey commenced in August 2022, with a focus on asset creation. Programming began between December 2022 and January 2023, showcasing the creator's dedication to learning and improving their skills. Despite being a solo project, consistent updates and improvements have been made.

June 2023: Multiple game versions were released, each refining main mechanics for an optimal gaming experience. The inclusion of Rodirod for music composition enhanced the overall audio atmosphere, contributing to the game's immersive quality.

September 2023: As the final stages of development unfold, the game is meticulously pieced together. The emphasis is on functionality, ensuring seamless live/collectible systems, level transitions, background music, and more. The game's compact size is compensated by longer levels and ample checkpoints, catering to a diverse audience, including younger players.

3. Release and Beyond

30th October 2023: The game is officially released, available on Windows and the web for various devices. The creator acknowledges a slight delay from the promised release date, addressing this in their Discord server and expressing gratitude for the community's support. Small updates for bug fixes are promised, but no new additions are planned.

5th November 2023: Post-release, the creator addresses some issues, such as sprite blackouts on low-end devices when played in a browser. Despite efforts to resolve these issues, certain limitations persist, prompting a suggestion to download the game for an optimal experience. The creator emphasizes that, while feedback is welcome, no further development is planned, making this the final version.


Little Runmo, born from an animated short film, seamlessly transitions into a unique gaming experience, offering a nostalgic yet refreshing journey. The dedication of the solo developer, the evolution of gameplay mechanics, and the game's release signify a creative endeavor that culminates in a final product, leaving players to savor the distinctive charm of Little Runmo.

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