In, you're at the helm of a growing empire, tasked with fending off an unending horde of undead monsters. As the hero archer, you must build, strategize, and fight to defend your city. Navigate your way through countless levels, with every wave bringing a new challenge to the survival of your empire.

How to Play

  • To control your hero archer, simply click on a location to move and target zombies for attack. You progress in the game by building structures for defense and upgrading them for improved effectiveness. The game allows you to strategize by choosing the right type and location of buildings. Also, strategic use of upgrades boost your chances of survival against the onslaught.

Tips and Tricks

  • To survive longer, prioritize upgrading your archer's abilities and tower defenses regularly. Additionally, carefully plan your city's layout for better defense against zombies. Always vary your attack strategies against different waves of zombies to successfully hold them off.


  • Endless levels: The game offers unlimited levels, each presenting unique challenges.
  • Diverse buildings: A wide range of structures is available for construction and upgrades to bolster defenses.
  • Strategic gameplay: Strategic planning is crucial in both construction and combat phases.
  • Zombie waves: Players face relentless zombie hordes that increase in difficulty after each wave.

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