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Civiballs: Xmas Levels Pack is a delightful puzzle game that brings the holiday spirit to life. In this engaging game, you're tasked with assisting Santa Claus by strategically dropping the Civiballs into the correct gift-boxes. Set in both indoor and outdoor winter wonderlands, the game combines excitement with cerebral challenges. With festive characters such as snowboarding snowmen, a tipsy Yeti, and Santa Claus, the holiday atmosphere is strongly present throughout the game.

What is Civiballs: Xmas Levels Pack?

Civiballs: Xmas Levels Pack is a seasonal puzzle game where players help Santa by directing Civiballs into matching colored gift-boxes. The game features 20 levels, split between home and outdoor settings, and includes a variety of holiday-themed obstacles and characters. Each level presents a unique puzzle that requires careful planning and strategic thinking to solve.

How to Play Civiballs: Xmas Levels Pack

  • Use your mouse click to cut the chains holding the Civiballs.
  • Plan your moves carefully to ensure each ball lands in the matching colored gift-box.
  • Navigate through 20 levels divided between indoor and outdoor environments.
  • Overcome obstacles like ski-lifts and nut-crackers for additional fun and complexity.

Tips and Tricks

  • Study the level layout first before making any cuts.
  • Understand how chain reactions work to solve puzzles faster.
  • Focus on cutting chains in the right order for successful solutions.
  • Utilize elements in each level to your advantage.


  • Festive Theme: Embrace the Christmas spirit with festive characters and settings.
  • Puzzle Complexity: Offers engaging brain teasers across 20 levels.
  • User-friendly Controls: Simply use your mouse click for all actions.
  • Vibrant Graphics: Enjoy colorful game graphics for a fun-filled gaming experience.

In Civiballs: Xmas Levels Pack, every move counts. With a blend of holiday charm and challenging puzzles, this game is sure to provide hours of entertainment. Whether you’re an experienced puzzle solver or a newcomer looking for a festive challenge, Civiballs: Xmas Levels Pack is a must-play this holiday season.

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