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About: Conexo

Exploring Conexo: Connecting Practices and Technical Solutions


Conexo stands as a prominent Latin American organization committed to fostering connections between best practices, technical solutions, activists, and journalists. With a mission to bridge gaps and facilitate collaborations, Conexo plays a pivotal role in enhancing knowledge dissemination and problem-solving in various sectors.

What is Conexo?

Conexo serves as a dynamic platform facilitating collaboration and knowledge sharing among stakeholders in Latin America. It aims to connect activists and journalists with the best practices and technical solutions pertinent to their fields. Through its initiatives, Conexo endeavors to empower individuals and organizations to address pressing challenges effectively.

How to Play Conexo?

Playing Conexo involves engaging with its diverse array of programs, services, and resources aimed at fostering collaboration and problem-solving. Here's how you can participate:

  1. Explore Conexo Ventures: Delve into Conexo Ventures, which serves as a hub for innovative projects and initiatives aimed at addressing societal challenges.

  2. Understand the Significance of Conexo: Explore the meaning and significance of Conexo, understanding its role as a facilitator of connections and solutions.

  3. Find Answers with Conexo: Utilize Conexo as a resource for finding answers to pressing questions and challenges in various domains.

  4. Engage with Conexo QSMP: Explore Conexo QSMP, an avenue for accessing valuable insights and resources related to quality, safety, management, and performance.

  5. Discover Tips and Insights with Conexo: Benefit from Conexo's wealth of tips and insights, designed to enhance your understanding and effectiveness in various endeavors.

  6. Stay Updated with Conexo Today: Keep abreast of the latest developments and initiatives through Conexo Today, ensuring you remain informed and engaged.

  7. Explore Univisiona with Conexo: Dive into Univisiona, a platform facilitated by Conexo that offers valuable resources and insights for activists and journalists.

Test Instruments by Conexo

Conexo offers a comprehensive range of test instruments designed to meet the highest standards for accuracy and reliability. These instruments are instrumental in testing and evaluating drivetrain and mechanical components, materials, and coatings. Key offerings include:

  • Oil particles measurement and aeration detection in mechanical testing.
  • Engine oil emission and consumption measurement during dynamic testing.
  • Tribology of materials and components, along with dynamic simulation rigs.
  • Drivetrain surface finish metrology and bore geometry analysis.
  • Oil aeration tester for air entrainment and release in dynamic component simulation.

Maintenance Products by Conexo

Conexo provides a diverse array of maintenance products designed to optimize mechanical equipment performance. These products include:

  • High-performance lubricants for extreme conditions.
  • Additives for metal protection against wear and fatigue.
  • Special filters and cleaners for contamination control in fluids.

Contaminant Solutions by Conexo

Conexo offers contaminant solutions to mitigate abrasion and wear in mechanical systems. These solutions include magnetic filters to remove metals and other contaminants from fluids.


Conexo stands as a beacon of collaboration and innovation in Latin America, facilitating connections and solutions across various sectors. With its diverse range of programs, services, and resources, Conexo empowers individuals and organizations to address challenges effectively and drive positive change in their communities. Whether you're an activist, journalist, or industry professional, Conexo offers valuable insights and resources to support your endeavors and foster meaningful impact.

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