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Cubes 2048 IO is an exhilarating online gaming series that adds an exciting twist to the classic 2048 concept. In this game, players engage in intense competition, perpetually on the move, and strategically chasing each other to gain an upper hand and ascend the ranks.


  • Multiplayer Arena: Enter a vast multiplayer arena where you'll face off against real players in real-time battles. Your every move counts as you strive for supremacy on the leaderboard.

  • Merge Blocks to Grow: The core mechanic of Cubes involves merging blocks to expand your presence on the board. Collect blocks to increase your size, and when you pick up two identical numbered blocks, watch them combine into a single block with the total sum of both.

  • Consume or Be Consumed: In this cutthroat world, you can devour any player with a smaller block size than yours. However, be cautious of larger adversaries lurking, waiting to swallow you whole or snatch a significant portion of your block collection.

  • Strategic Gameplay: Develop your tactics by cutting into opponents and seizing their blocks, as long as their blocks are smaller. Utilize speed power-ups to quickly catch up with your rivals or employ your general boost to escape and close in on other players. Avoid the division sign, which will reduce your numbers by half.

How to Play:

  • PC Controls: Move your mouse to change direction, and hold the left-click or space bar to accelerate. Bear in mind that after two seconds of rapid movement, you'll need to endure a six-second cooldown.

  • Mobile Controls: On mobile devices, drag to move and tap the on-screen button to activate the speed boost. Like on PC, there's a two-second speed burst with a six-second cooldown.

Cubes 2048 IO is not limited to a single platform. You can enjoy this game on both desktop and mobile devices, offering you the flexibility to engage in thrilling battles regardless of your chosen platform.

So, join the challenge, strategize, and prove your dominance in Cubes 2048 IO's dynamic and competitive world.

Release Date: December 2022

Developer: Playmost Games

Platform: Web browser (desktop and mobile)

Last Updated: March 17, 2023

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