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Absolutely! I can answer your questions about Dead Plate. Here goes:

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  • Is Dead Plate free? No, Dead Plate is not currently free. You can purchase it through various platforms like
  • What is Dead Plate game? Dead Plate is a short 2D horror RPG game with restaurant tycoon, visual novel, and point-and-click elements. It's set in 1960s France and follows the story of a waiter named Rody working at a mysterious bistro.
  • How old is Vince in Dead Plate? Vince's exact age is not explicitly mentioned in the game, but he's described as a "stoic but charismatic chef" who appears older than Rody.
  • How many endings are in Dead Plate? Dead Plate has four main endings, each offering a different outcome for Rody and the bistro. Additionally, there are variations in dialogue and hidden secrets depending on your choices throughout the game.

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  • Dead Plate unblocked: Due to its mature themes, Dead Plate might be blocked on certain networks. You can try alternative browsers or VPNs, but remember to access it responsibly.
  • Dead Plate online: Dead Plate is not currently playable online. It's a single-player downloadable game.
  • Dead Plate ao3: AO3 is a popular fanfiction website. You can find Dead Plate-related fanfiction there.
  • Dead Plate wiki: There's currently no official wiki for Dead Plate, but you can find information and fan discussions on various online communities.
  • Dead Plate apk: Be cautious about downloading Dead Plate from unofficial sources like APKs. It's recommended to purchase the game through trusted platforms to avoid malware or pirated versions.
  • Dead Plate download: You can download Dead Plate through platforms like
  • Dead Plate Rody: Rody is the protagonist of Dead Plate, a young man who gets entangled in the dark secrets of the bistro.
  • Dead Plate characters: Dead Plate features a cast of unique characters, including the mysterious chef Vince, other bistro staff, and even some unsettling patrons.

I hope this information answers your questions and sparks your interest in Dead Plate! Remember, the game contains mature themes, so proceed with caution if you're sensitive to horror and disturbing content.

Feel free to ask any further questions you might have!

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