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Dog Training: Clicker - an exciting game with dogs. Are you ready to dive into a world of endless fun? Start playing right now! Dog training is an engaging process, and playing with dogs can continue endlessly.

What is Dog Training: Clicker?

Dog Training: Clicker is a fun and interactive mobile game that combines the principles of dog training with a clicker method. It is designed to entertain dog lovers by allowing them to virtually train and play with various breeds of dogs. The game involves collecting coins, unlocking new levels, and discovering new dog breeds, providing a continuous and captivating experience for players.

How to Play Dog Training: Clicker

  • Start Training: Begin by selecting your first dog. Use the clicker to interact with your dog and perform various training activities.
  • Earn Coins: Each successful training session and completed activity rewards you with coins. Collect as many coins as possible to progress in the game.
  • Unlock Levels: Advance through the game by reaching new levels. Every 10 levels, a new breed of dog is introduced.
  • Discover New Breeds: The game features a total of 10 different dog breeds. Each breed brings unique characteristics and challenges.
  • Engage Continuously: The game is designed for endless play. Keep training your dogs and collecting coins to reach the highest levels.
  • Compete with Friends: See how your progress compares with your friends. The game encourages friendly competition to see who can train the best dogs and reach the highest levels.
  • Regular Updates: Look out for game updates that introduce new features, challenges, and dog breeds to keep the gameplay fresh and exciting.

Conquer the heights of the dog world, reaching the infinity of coins! Don't postpone it, start playing right now! Your friends are already actively training their dogs, and you should hurry not to fall behind!

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