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Step into the pixelated world of Noob Vs Pro 4: Lucky Block, an action-packed game filled with surprises behind every turn. Watch as the comedic duo, Noob and Pro, embark on a daring mission to retrieve the stolen Lucky Block from the malicious Hacker. Traverse through deadly traps in a secret Mine, with humor and fun that fans have come to expect from the series. Opening a Lucky Block could be your greatest reward or your ultimate challenge.

How to Play

  • Use your mouse or keyboard arrow keys to navigate Noob and Pro through various obstacles within the Mine.
  • To progress, overcome challenges and solve puzzles which require keen observation and quick thinking skills.
  • Remember, your ultimate goal is to secure the Lucky Block and what lies within it could change the course of your adventure.

Tips and Tricks

  • Avoid rushing into openings without observing - traps are everywhere!
  • Be sure to explore every corner because vital items may be hidden in unexpected places.
  • Timing is everything, especially when you're navigating through moving obstacles or deadly traps.


  • Packed with Humour: Enjoy light-hearted fun from beginning to end while solving challenging puzzles.
  • Intriguing Storyline: Follow Noob and Pro on an exciting journey filled with twists.
  • Lucky Blocks: A unique game mechanic where anything can happen – the riskier, the better!
  • Pixeled Graphics: Reminiscent of classic block games creating nostalgic moments.

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