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The Backrooms: Exploring the Depths of Online Urban Legend

Dive into the eerie world of The Backrooms, an online urban legend that emerged from a chilling creepypasta posted on a 2019 4chan thread. This Internet phenomenon delves into the unsettling concept of liminal spaces, where bustling locations transform into unnaturally empty and eerie environments. Originally described as a maze of vacant office rooms accessible only by "noclipping out of reality," The Backrooms quickly captured the imagination of internet users, giving rise to a plethora of creative adaptations and captivating narratives.

Unraveling The Backrooms Universe

As The Backrooms gained popularity, creative minds across the internet began to expand upon the original concept, crafting various levels and entities that inhabit this eerie dimension. The urban legend inspired fan-made video games, collaborative fiction wikis, and a multitude of spine-chilling YouTube videos. Among these, YouTuber Kane Parsons played a significant role in popularizing Backrooms content on mainstream platforms with his series of horror shorts in 2022. The success of his videos has even led to plans for a film adaptation, solidifying The Backrooms' place in online folklore.

Venturing into the Backrooms: A Gaming Experience

The haunting allure of The Backrooms has translated into a host of video games across platforms like Steam and Roblox. Pie on a Plate Productions released an indie game merely two months after the original creepypasta, earning praise for its atmospheric design but receiving criticism for its brevity. However, this was just the beginning, as subsequent years witnessed the arrival of numerous other adaptations, including Enter the Backrooms, Noclipped, and The Backrooms Project. Fancy Games' co-op multiplayer game, Escape the Backrooms, stood out for its captivating lore, earning accolades from Bloody Disgusting. Meanwhile, Steelkrill Studio's The Backrooms 1998, an independent psychological survival horror game with found footage visuals and a limited save system, left reviewers intrigued and unnerved.

How to Navigate The Backrooms

For brave adventurers seeking to explore The Backrooms, here is a simple guide to controlling the game:

  • Use the mouse to look around and interact with objects.

  • Employ the keyboard for movement and running, utilizing either WASD or arrow keys.

  • Additionally, gamepad compatibility is available without the need for configuration.

  • Should you desire to customize key bindings, adjustments can be made in the game launcher window.

Tips for Survival

As you navigate the mysterious building and attempt to find your way out of The Backrooms, keep these tips in mind:

  1. Thorough Exploration: Begin by exploring every nook and cranny of the building to uncover the shortest possible escape route. However, be prepared for challenges that lie in your path.

  2. Analyze Odd Items: Pay close attention to the peculiar items scattered throughout the space, as they might hold crucial clues to aid your quest.

  3. Beware of Notes: Beware of written notes left by unknown hands. They may offer valuable assistance, but they could also be deceptive traps.

  4. Disturbing Voices: Listen carefully for distant voices that may be transmitted from afar. In the realm of horror games, these encounters are familiar, so remain composed.

Escape and Triumph

Only the boldest and most resourceful can escape The Backrooms and claim victory. Engage your senses, outwit the challenges, and emerge as the triumphant winner of this haunting and enigmatic world.


In the dark and enigmatic realm of The Backrooms, an urban legend morphs into an immersive gaming experience that captivates players with its eerie ambiance and unsettling mysteries. Embark on this haunting journey, delve into the depths of this online legend, and navigate your way through a labyrinth of vacant rooms and corridors. Can you find the shortest path to escape? Beware of the lurking terrors and challenges that await you in this mesmerizing world. Keep your wits about you, decipher the clues, and emerge as the ultimate survivor. Embark on the adventure of a lifetime, and let The Backrooms unravel its secrets before you!


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