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Embark on a Billionaire's Odyssey with "Billion Marble"

Step into the fascinating world of Billion Marble, an innovative and free real estate board game that challenges you to become a shrewd investor. In this digital adventure, you'll navigate the board, buying, selling, and strategically managing locations across the globe. Unleash your entrepreneurial spirit as you roll the dice, acquire plots, and transform villages into bustling cities.

How to Play Billion Marble: The objective of Billion Marble is simple yet strategic - bankrupt your opponents while amassing a fortune for yourself. Each player starts with a hefty 20 million in gold, taking turns to roll the dice and make critical decisions. Utilize your savings to purchase valuable land when you land on specific squares. The game is a delicate balance of risk, strategy, and financial acumen.

Features: Special Squares:

  • Start: Collect your paycheck and/or pay taxes when passing start.
  • Angel of Donations: Reap potential bonuses at this charitable square.
  • Desert Island: Opt to skip three turns or pay an escape fee for a swift exit.
  • Airfield: Transport to a different square strategically.
  • Surprise Box: Uncover surprises by drawing a Surprise Card.
  • Tourist Spot: Acquire and enhance the value of special locations as you visit them.
  • Invention (orange squares): Invest in patents for new inventions, accumulating value with ownership.

Game Modes:

  • Singleplayer: Play with up to 4 characters individually, taking turns throwing the dice.
  • Team-based: Control 2 characters each, competing locally or against AI opponents.
  • AI Opponents: Challenge yourself by playing against (multiple) AI opponents, providing a solo gaming experience.

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Creator and Release Date: Billion Marble is the brainchild of BUSIDOL and was unveiled to the world in August 2023.

Conclusion: Immerse yourself in the mind-blowing universe of Billion Marble, a board game masterpiece that puts your financial prowess to the test. With three dice in hand, navigate the board, dominate islands and cities, and make strategic decisions to triumph as a business tycoon. Developed by BUSIDOL, Billion Marble is not just a game; it's a journey into the realm of wealth, strategy, and victory. Are you ready to embrace the challenge and make your mark on the Billion Marble empire? May fortune favor the bold...

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