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FNF Vs. Hypno's Lullaby: Rap Battle in the Dark

Step into the eerie world of Friday Night Funkin Vs. Hypno's Lullaby, a captivating mod that adds a spine-chilling twist to the rhythm game. In this unique modification of Friday Night Funkin, Girlfriend finds herself embroiled in a rap battle against a creepy version of Hypno, a Pokémon, while searching for Boyfriend in the darkness.

Happy Halloween Funkiers: A Spooky Musical Journey

This mod comes with an array of haunting songs that perfectly fit the Halloween theme:

  1. Safety Lullaby
  2. Left Unchecked
  3. Monochrome
  4. Missingno
  5. New Mechanic
  6. Pendulum Mechanic: Master the timing by pressing Spacebar with each pendulum's lowest point to keep up with Hypno.
  7. Unknown Symbols: Symbols resembling the English alphabet will appear during gameplay. You must decipher and type them using your keyboard.

New Difficulty Options: Dare to Challenge or Take It Easy

With the FNF Vs. Hypno's Lullaby mod, players can choose from two new difficulty options:

  1. Hell Mode: Ready for a true challenge? Hell Mode turns everything up a notch, making the gameplay harder and more intense.
  2. Pussy Mode: Want a more laid-back experience? Turn off all mechanics and enjoy the rap battle without any added difficulty.

Meet the Talented Mod Creators

This captivating mod is brought to life by a talented team of creators:

  • Banbuds: Director, Artist, Animator, Voice Acting
  • ash237: Programmer
  • Yoshubs: Programmer
  • Adam McHummus: Composer
  • TheInnuendo: Composer
  • Nimbus Cumulus: Composer
  • Uncle Joel: Artist, Animator
  • chillinraptor: Artist BG
  • ScorchVx: Artist
  • SandPlanet: Charter
  • Fidy50: Charter
  • typic: Artist, Animator
  • Mr_NoL: Vocal Edits
  • BonesTheSkelebunny01: Artist

Support the Mod Creators

If you've had a blast playing this mod and want to stay updated on future developments, show your support for the creators by subscribing, following, liking, and engaging with them on their social media platforms.

Download and Accessibility

Get ready to dive into the hypnotic world of FNF Vs. Hypno's Lullaby! Download the game for your Desktop PC on GB (GameBanana) and prepare for an unforgettable musical journey.

Original FNF Credits

Let's not forget to acknowledge the original creators of Friday Night Funkin:

  • ninja_muffin99: Programming
  • PhantomArcade3k and evilsk8r: Artists
  • kawaisprite: Tasty Music

Alongside the entire GitHub community who contributed to the project.

Accessibility for All: Web-Optimized Port

One of the goals of this web-optimized port is to make Friday Night Funkin and its mods more accessible to players who may not have access to high-performance PCs or may be playing on Chromebooks, Macs, Linux systems, or devices that cannot run EXE files.

Good Luck and Have Fun

As always, good luck and have fun as you immerse yourself in the enchanting world of FNF Vs. Hypno's Lullaby. For an added challenge, consider turning off Ghost Tapping in the settings. We recommend using Google Chrome for the best performance while playing FNF


Embrace the Spookiness: A Real Halloween Treat

Dare to venture into the darkness and take on the spooky rap battle in FNF Vs. Hypno's Lullaby. With its haunting music, mesmerizing visuals, and challenging gameplay, this mod is the perfect treat for all Halloween Funkiers. Prepare for an experience like no other and get ready to groove to the hypnotic beats of this dark and captivating adventure!


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