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FNF Vs. Toy Story.EXE: Unleash the Creepy Rhythms

Welcome to the eerie world of Toy's Madness Friday, a rhythm game and Friday Night Funkin' mod that delves into the creepy lore of Toy Story. In this spine-chilling mod, Boyfriend and Girlfriend find themselves transformed into toys, and their happy world turns into a nightmarish toy room.

A Sinister Toy Story Unfolds: Face Off against Woody.EXE

As two new toys arrive in Andy's room, you'll quickly realize that this is no longer the cheerful room you once knew. Prepare to challenge the malevolent Woody.EXE and other twisted versions of your beloved cowboy as Boyfriend and Girlfriend. The haunting melodies and unsettling beats will test your rhythm and reflexes in this horrifying toy showdown.

Terrifying Tunes: Dive into the Creepypasta Soundtrack

Immerse yourself in the haunting sounds of Toy's Madness Friday with its bone-chilling songs:

  • My New Plaything (Woody.EXE vs BF)
  • My Spot (Woody vs Toys)
  • Wooden Hand
  • Too Slow
  • My Old Play Plaything

Meet the Masterminds: Credits and Collaborators

This terrifying mod is brought to life by a team of talented creators, including:

  • Jerardo (DIRECTOR-CREATOR): Owner, director, and artist
  • Gabrix (DIRECTOR): Director and animator
  • Fernan (DIRECTOR): Director and artist
  • The leon (DEV): Composer and maker
  • CoffeDrummer (DEV): Composer
  • The laggin Man (DEV): Composer
  • Alex (DEV): BG artist
  • Unnup (DEV): Promo artist
  • RetroM (DEV): BG artist
  • FachaRexusBv (DEV): Animator
  • Alanelcoder (DEV): MAIN CODER
  • Plastic Fork (DEV): CODER
  • Brenda Ameliatrix (DEV): Coder XML, JSON
  • Gabriel Gonzalo (DEV): Coder XML, JSON, and charter
  • Jere (DEV): Charter
  • Nightmare XoNIX (DEV): Charter
  • WillyPerro (DEV): Voice actor
  • Samfenix231_YT (DEV): Covers
  • Kaiser (DEV): Edit trailer

Honoring the Original FNF: Paying Tribute to the Creators

It's important to acknowledge the original Friday Night Funkin' game and its creators, who have contributed to the success of the game:

  • ninja_muffin99: Programming
  • PhantomArcade3k and evilsk8r: ARTISTS
  • kawaisprite: TASTY MUSIC
  • AND everyone that contributed to the GitHub source.

Experience the Creepypasta Adventure: FNF and Toy Story Unite

FNF x Toy Story.EXE: Toy's Madness Friday brings a chilling fusion of the Friday Night Funkin' universe with the eerie Toy Story lore. Confront the malevolent Woody.EXE and his twisted companions in this rhythmic nightmare. The talented team behind this mod has created an unforgettable experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

A Real Challenge Awaits: Test Your Skills

For those seeking a real challenge, dare to turn off Ghost Tapping in the settings and experience the game at its most intense. Only the most daring and skilled players can emerge victorious from this haunting toy tale.

Optimized for Web Play: Accessibility and Convenience

This web-optimized port of FNF and the mod makes it more accessible to players with different devices, including potato PCs, Chromebooks, Macs, and Linux systems. Say goodbye to EXE file restrictions and save precious hard drive space. Keep in mind that this version might have slight differences from the PC version, so consider downloading the PC version for the full experience.

Face the Darkness in Toy's Madness Friday

Get ready to face the darkness and confront the twisted world of Toy's Madness Friday. Join Boyfriend and Girlfriend as they take on the nightmarish Woody.EXE and his eerie companions. With the haunting soundtrack and chilling visuals, this creepypasta mod will test your courage and rhythm like never before. Embark on this hair-raising adventure, and remember to play nice… if you can.

As always, good luck and Have Fun!


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