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FNF Vs. Uzi: Murder Drones - A Rhythmic Encounter with Animated Rebellion

In the dynamic world of Friday Night Funkin' (FNF) mods, a unique and captivating addition has emerged—FNF Vs. Uzi: Murder Drones. This mod draws inspiration from the indie animated web series, Murder Drones, where players face off against the enigmatic Uzi Doorman. Specifically based on the fourth episode, 'Cabin Fever,' this one-off mod offers a glimpse into the dark and intriguing universe created by Liam Vickers and distributed by GLITCH Productions.

FNF Vs. Uzi: Murder Drones is more than just a mod; it's a rhythmic journey into the horror/science fiction realm crafted by the series. Uzi Doorman, the main protagonist and anti-heroine, takes center stage as an "angsty teen" with profound "crippling daddy issues." Her unconventional desire to combat the Disassembly Drones and their ominous Parent Company, ultimately aiming to eradicate humanity, sets the stage for a rap battle like no other.

The mod, a demo featuring a single song, introduces players to the eerie and tormented personality of Uzi Doorman. As players navigate through the musical landscape, they experience the clash between Boyfriend and Uzi in the song "Mutation." This showdown reveals Uzi's unique ability to express emotions through song, defying the conventional notion that robots lack such capacities. As Boyfriend struggles to maintain control, players are left on the edge, wondering if victory is attainable in this confrontation.


  • Unique Narrative: FNF Vs. Uzi: Murder Drones seamlessly weaves the narrative from Murder Drones into the gameplay, providing players with a deeper connection to the characters and storyline.

  • Emotional Robotics: Explore the anomaly of Uzi Doorman, a drone with emotions and a penchant for rhythm. This mod challenges the conventional portrayal of robots, introducing a character that not only feels but also sings with impeccable rhythm.

  • Musical Accompaniment: Immerse yourself in the captivating soundtrack inspired by Murder Drones. The mod features a demo of a song that encapsulates the essence of the series, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

  • Developer's Touch: Credits to mod creator redpanzee for bringing the Murder Drones universe to life within the FNF landscape. The dedication and creativity of the developer shine through in every beat of the mod.


FNF Vs. Uzi: Murder Drones is not just a mod; it's a fusion of two creative realms, a harmonious blend of indie animation and interactive gameplay. Dive into the twisted universe of Murder Drones, where Uzi Doorman challenges Boyfriend in a rap battle that transcends the boundaries of emotion and technology. This mod stands as a testament to the boundless creativity within the FNF modding community, offering players an unforgettable and rhythmic encounter with animated rebellion.


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