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Forgotten Hill: The Wardrobe - Unveiling the Secrets of Two Sisters

The Mysterious Wardrobe

Imagine a world where reality blurs with the surreal, where secrets lie hidden beneath ornate exteriors, and where the quest for truth will challenge your very perception of reality. Welcome to the eerie and enigmatic world of Forgotten Hill: The Wardrobe - Two Sisters, the second chapter in a series of tales set in the unsettling realm of Forgotten Hill.

In this chilling narrative, we delve into the mysteries surrounding Two Sisters, their father, and a wardrobe that holds more than just clothes. As the story unfolds, we witness how the desperate circumstances of a struggling family lead to a series of events that will send shivers down your spine.

The Tale of Two Sisters Begins

Our story commences with a father burdened by financial woes, his anxiety mounting as he fears for the future of his beloved daughters. Plagued by failed investments and a lack of employment prospects, he stumbles upon a glimmer of hope in the form of a peculiar wardrobe.

This wardrobe, adorned with intricate decorations, beckons him with the promise of salvation. With his meager savings in hand, he acquires the wardrobe, unaware of the dark secrets it harbors. The catch? It can only be opened by force, as the seller possesses no key.

As fate would have it, a golden key, seemingly unrelated, enters the scene. Discovered while cleaning a bountiful catch from a river fishing trip, this golden key becomes a harbinger of inexplicable events.

A few days later, the father returns home from an important meeting, only to find an eerie silence enveloping his residence. To his dismay, his cherished daughters are missing, as is the golden key. It's a mystery that defies logic, a puzzle that demands solving.

Unraveling the Enigma - A Walkthrough

As you step into the unsettling world of Forgotten Hill: The Wardrobe - Two Sisters, your journey begins at the main door, flanked by a planet pot and an umbrella stand. Your objective: to uncover hidden objects, solve perplexing puzzles, and gradually unravel the chilling narrative.

  1. Begin by examining the board on the right-side wall. Solve the jigsaw puzzle to obtain a key from the opened box.

  2. Progress further into a corridor, tapping the right arrow four times to find a crucial clue on the wall.

  3. Utilize the key to unlock a door, leading you to an office space. Investigate the cabinet storage under the table's drawer, arranging items to unlock it. This reveals hidden objects such as a matchbox, coin, and a piece of paper.

  4. Head back to the corridor, specifically the second part. Here, you'll find a Ship Painting on the wall. Solve the puzzle beneath it to uncover a key.

  5. Return to the fourth part of the corridor, use the key to open another door, and enter a room. Light the lamp with the matchbox and engage in a mini-game involving setting shadows on the wall using arrow controls.

  6. Solve the puzzle in the cabinet storage on the left side of the bed to collect a coin and a diary. The diary may hold valuable clues.

  7. Revisit the first room in the corridor's initial part. In this room, featuring a sofa set and table, place the collected coins on the table to open a drawer. Inside, you'll find pincers and a cutter.

  8. Proceed to the main door and interact with the photo frame on the left wall. Use the pincers to retrieve a nail.

  9. Navigate to the corridor section, two steps to the right. Here, you'll encounter a painting above a plant pot. Insert the nail and use the cutter to collect the Nailed Bird Skull.

  10. Enter the second room, adorned with sofas, and open the door. Within, you'll discover a wardrobe. Place the Nailed Bird Skull inside the wardrobe to unveil a secret passageway.

As you step into this new world, you'll find yourself on the precipice of a mystery that defies the laws of reality. The wardrobe has opened a portal to a realm where the answers you seek may be more elusive than you could ever imagine.

Welcome to the enigmatic world of Forgotten Hill: The Wardrobe - Two Sisters, where secrets lie beneath the surface, and the truth may be your greatest fear.


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