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Friday Night Funkin' D-Sides: Unleash Your Remix Rhythm

Get ready to groove and jam to the beats of Friday Night Funkin' D-Sides, the remix-overhaul modification of the popular rhythm game, Friday Night Funkin', created by the talented DastardlyDeacon. Prepare yourself for an electrifying experience as D-Sides remixes the characters, music, and gameplay, taking you on an extraordinary musical journey like never before.

A Symphony of Remixes: The D-Sides Adventure

Friday Night Funkin' D-Sides introduces D-Sides variations of characters from the original game and the Modding Community, each with changed appearances, personalities, and stories. Some characters maintain similarities with the original, while others take on strikingly different twists. Brace yourself for an immersive and dynamic experience as you encounter familiar faces in a new light.

Epic Musical Battles: Sing Along to Remixes Galore

With seven full weeks featuring no less than 25 remixed songs and over a dozen freeplay songs, FNF D-Sides invites you to sing along to some super cool remixes. The rhythm and intensity of the musical battles will put your singing talents to the test. As Boyfriend, you'll face new challenges, impress your audience, and seduce the ever-devoted Girlfriend, who will be your loyal spectator sitting on the loudspeaker.

Thrilling Updates: Embrace New Challenges

FNF D-Sides 2.5 introduces Weeks 3 and 4, with all seven songs thoughtfully remixed and characters receiving redesigned appearances and new animations. Additionally, a brand-new week, Week 5, showcases three new songs, Green Eggs, Ham, and Feaster.

FNF D-Sides 2.7 brings you the delightful God Feast, a musical Thanksgiving meal where characters from Sonic the Hedgehog.exe gather around the table for epic rap battles. Prepare to face off against formidable opponents, including Majin Sonic and Tenma, Mighty.Zip and Sonic.exe, Sunk and Sunky, and the powerful Godz and Lord X.

FNF D-Sides 3.0 marks an important update, introducing Weeks 6 and 7, featuring funky and rhythmic challenges that will test your skills to the max. Step into the spotlight as Boyfriend, Girlfriend, or Pico, and confront formidable foes like Sensei, Planeman, a terrifying version of Mario, Spirit, Tricky, and a rap battle between Zardy and Skid & Pump!

An Impressive Soundtrack: A Fusion of Creativity

The D-Sides soundtrack is a fusion of creativity and talent, featuring a plethora of artists and composers who have contributed their magic to the game. Prepare to be enchanted by the beats and melodies brought to life by Philiplol, gc, sherri, Rareblin, Biddle3, Sandi, FriedFrick, QoDax, and many more.

Credits and Acknowledgments: A Collaborative Effort

Friday Night Funkin' D-Sides is the result of a collaborative effort, with artists, programmers, and voice actors coming together to create an unforgettable gaming experience. The game features the creative work of FifLeo, DastardlyDeacon, AnInternetsEcho, EllisBros, Squish, Offbi, Deeg, JimboGames, yoisabo, SuperKirbylover, Skyeetee, Snowydreams, and more.

An Unfinished Symphony

Friday Night Funkin' D-Sides 3.0 is an ongoing work in progress, with more songs and dialogs from Week 6 to be added soon. As the game evolves, it promises to offer even more excitement, challenges, and remix magic.

So, are you ready to unleash your remix rhythm and dive into the captivating world of Friday Night Funkin' D-Sides? Step into the spotlight, join the musical battles, and groove to the beats of this extraordinary remix experience. Download FNF D-Sides from the Original mod page and embark on a rhythmic journey like no other!


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