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Immaculate Grid Baseball is an engaging and strategic puzzle game that challenges players to fill a grid by selecting players who meet specific criteria for each cell's row and column. With nine guesses available to complete the grid, players must exercise their tactical prowess to make the right choices and conquer the challenges presented.

Rules of the Game

  1. Selecting Players: Players must carefully choose a player for each cell in the grid, ensuring that the selected player matches the criteria for both the row and column in which they are placed. Strategic thinking is crucial to maximize success.

  2. Guess Limit: Each attempt to fill a cell, whether correct or incorrect, counts as one guess. Players have a total of nine guesses to complete the entire grid.

  3. Daily Grid: The excitement never ends, as a new grid is made available every day at 9:00 am ET. Players can test their skills and knowledge daily, adding an element of unpredictability to the challenge.

  4. Unique Player Selection: A player can only be used once in the grid, requiring players to diversify their choices and consider various options.

  5. Active and Inactive Players: Both active and inactive players can be utilized in the grid, providing a wide array of choices and historical options.

  6. Franchise History: Previous franchise names are taken into account. For instance, Expos players can match for the Nationals, and Browns players qualify for the Orioles (considering complete franchise history).

  7. Player and Team Cell: Players must have participated in at least one major league game (regular season or playoffs) for the specific team in question.

  8. Team and Award Cell: For award cells, the player must have won the award during a season while playing for that specific team. All-Star selections, however, are associated with a single team only.

  9. Hall of Famers: Hall of Famers can be selected from any category (player, team, umpire, executive/pioneer) but must have played a major league game for the team in question.

  10. World Series Winners: Players must have participated in a postseason game or been on the postseason roster for the team during the World Series-winning season to qualify as a World Series winner.

  11. Season and Career Stat Cells: The player's recorded stat must have occurred while on the specific team. For players who played on multiple teams in a season, the stat must be associated with the team in question.

  12. Career Rate Stats: Minimums of 3,000 plate appearances and 1,000 innings apply for career rate stats.

  13. Rate Stat Leaders: If one of the stats is a rate stat (e.g., BA, ERA), the player must have qualified for the season's rate stat leaderboards.

  14. Two Stat/Award Cells: Players do not necessarily need to accomplish the two stats/awards in the same season. As an example, a player may qualify for 40+ HR and Rookie of the Year, achieved in different seasons.

Embark on the Puzzle Adventure

Immaculate Grid Baseball offers puzzle enthusiasts a thrilling journey filled with tactical challenges and historical player knowledge. As players navigate the intricate grid, they must make strategic choices and tap into their understanding of baseball history to emerge victorious.

Test your puzzle-solving skills, make strategic selections, and embark on the thrilling adventure that awaits in Immaculate Grid Baseball. Conquer the shifting sands of baseball history and prove yourself a master of the diamond. Prepare to immerse yourself in an enchanting puzzle experience, where every move counts and the challenge is ever-enticing. The world of Immaculate Grid Baseball beckons - are you ready to embrace the strategic puzzle odyssey?

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