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Puckdoku: A Hockey Puzzle Adventure

Introduction: Unraveling the Challenge of Puckdoku

Embark on a thrilling hockey puzzle adventure with Puckdoku, a brand new game that promises to test your knowledge and strategic prowess in the world of NHL players and statistics. Developed by a dedicated creator, this unique puzzle game combines the excitement of Sudoku with the thrill of hockey trivia, creating an addictive experience that hockey enthusiasts will love.

The Rules of Engagement

In Puckdoku, you'll encounter a grid representing NHL teams and various award/stat categories. Your objective is to choose a player in each cell that meets the specified criteria for the row and column. However, the challenge lies in the fact that each player must have played at least one regular season NHL game for the team to be counted. Additionally, if a cell represents an award or statistic and a team, the player must have recorded the award/stat while on that team during that season.

Navigating the Ice

As you dive into the intricacies of Puckdoku, you'll encounter some fascinating hockey trivia nuances. When a cell represents two different stat categories, fear not, for they don't need to be won in the same season. Relocated teams count as a single entity for the "Teams Played" category, meaning players like Kovalchuk are accounted for in the present-day Winnipeg Jets. However, teams that have been moved back under the same name don't count as the same team; thus, 1990s Winnipeg Jets don't apply to the present-day Jets.

The Challenge of Uniqueness

In Puckdoku, your puzzle-solving skills will be put to the test as you strive for uniqueness in your player picks. Uniqueness is calculated from the sum of the percentages of each, plus 100 for every empty cell. The lower your score, the rarer each player pick was, making every choice a strategic move to maximize your puzzle-solving prowess.

An Evolving Hockey Adventure

As a brand new game developed solely by the creator, Puckdoku offers an ever-expanding experience. Be patient as features are added and issues resolved, and expect new challenges and puzzles each day, ensuring that every day brings a fresh hockey puzzle to tackle.

Conclusion: Unleash Your Hockey Puzzle Skills

In the world of Puckdoku, hockey knowledge and strategic thinking converge to create an exhilarating adventure for hockey enthusiasts and puzzle lovers alike. Solve the puzzle, make the right choices, and celebrate the thrill of unique player picks. Embrace the challenge, and immerse yourself in the world of hockey trivia and Sudoku-style gameplay. Are you ready to unleash your hockey puzzle skills? Dive into Puckdoku and experience the exciting fusion of hockey and puzzles today!

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