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Unleashing the Road Beast: A Unique Dive into the World of Traffic Tour

Embark on an exhilarating journey through the digital highways with Traffic Tour, a dynamic driving game that transcends the ordinary. Offering a seamless blend of smooth driving simulations, stunning graphics, and heart-pounding action, Traffic Tour is a true haven for aficionados of the traffic racing genre.

Features of Traffic Tour:

Real Racing Experience & Realistic Graphics: Dive into the pulse-pounding world of Traffic Tour with a realistic racing experience that comes to life through lifelike environments. From bustling city streets to serene highways, each race is a visual feast, with day and night variations intensifying the thrill.

Diverse Car Collection: Select your chariot from a collection of 40 customizable cars, each with its unique characteristics. Unlock blueprints and enhance your ride's speed, handling, and brakes to dominate the competition and leave a trail of envy.

Multiplayer & Single-player Modes: Engage in thrilling real-time multiplayer races with players worldwide or challenge your friends in 1v1 races. With five gameplay modes, including Multiplayer, Endless, Career, Time Trial, and Free Run, Traffic Tour offers an array of options to quench your racing thirst.

100+ Online Missions & Challenges: Participate in a wide array of missions, challenging your skills against opponents to claim amazing prizes. The diversity of challenges keeps the game fresh, ensuring there's always something new to conquer.

Advanced CRS (Car Racing System): Experience innovation in racing with Traffic Tour's advanced Car Racing System. This feature sets the game apart, offering a unique and engaging racing experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

How to Play Traffic Tour Online: Master the art of the road with these control instructions:

  • W = Forward
  • D = Right
  • L = Left
  • S = Brake
  • Shift = Nitrous
  • ESC = Back

Unlock new cars by collecting blueprints in endless mode, and race at speeds exceeding 100 km/h to overtake traffic cars, earning bonus scores and cash. Explore the opposite direction in two-way mode for extra points and cash, and strategically use Nitrous in multiplayer mode for a turbo-charged advantage.

Thrilling Multiplayer Racing with Stunning Graphics & Non-stop Action:

Welcome to Traffic Tour, the ultimate multiplayer racing game that delivers an unparalleled combination of smooth driving, stunning graphics, and addictive street racing action. With over 50 million downloads, join the racing revolution and experience the pinnacle of car racing games on Google Play.


Traffic Tour isn't just a game; it's a thrilling odyssey through the digital roads where every turn, every challenge, and every victory adds a new layer to the excitement. With its unique features, realistic graphics, and unlimited play, Traffic Tour stands tall as a beacon in the world of mobile racing games, inviting players to rev their engines and hit the road for an unforgettable adventure.

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